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PRI Card/Gateways

Dinstar PRI Card/Gateways In the world of telecommunications, the PRI or Primary Rate Interface line is a type of ISDN line that lets traditional analog phone lines carry video, data, voice, etc. Moreover, this multi-operational gateway line is able to send and receive more than one call at the same time. In order to terminate these PRI lines, we require a PRI gateway card which ends this digital circuit on the PBX.

The use of PRI gateways is to reduce the costs of using multiple analog trunk lines. When just one PRI card is preferred over multiple analog trunk lines, then it saves the maintenance costs as well. PRI passages bolster SIP-T/SIP/H.323 convention to interface with SIP-T/SIP/H.323 delicate switch, and support PRI/SS7 flagging convention to associate with PSTN. These cards offer multi-channel preparing limit and assurance the greatest execution for E1/T1 trunk door (G.711/G.723/G.729 codec calls and T.38/Pass-through Fax).

These PRI card gateways likewise offer Intelligent Multiple Trunk Routing innovation, makes the administrator simple to oversee trunk steering by value ideal lead, and the programmed switch-over between various trunk directing makes the system have high unwavering quality. Users can buy PRI cards in India at DCNET Solutions at the cheapest rates.


Dinstar PRI Card / Gateways