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DCNET is an ISO certified and Award winning VoIP Distributor in India. Incorporated in 2010 with its headquarter in Mysore. Our expertise lies in providing VoIP Products & Solutions across India. We are Exclusive Distributors for Dinstar/Yeastar GSM Gateways/Analog Gateways, Mairdi Professional Call Center Headsets across India. We are also Award Winning Select Partners for Asterisk/Digium. With more than 50+ VOIP resellers/SI across India, we have also innovated in-house Contact Center Software and Enterprise Communications Applications for Call Centers and SMB Customers.

Working in the domain of customer interactions management solutions, we have consistently delivered futuristic applications to un-complicate communications. Call center solutions from DCNET is powering millions of inbound, outbound and blended interactions across the globe. We also offer customised solutions with powerful combination of Digium hardware and Asterisk open source software.

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community. Using our creative gifts drives this foundation.

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What is Default IP?

All Dinstar devices default IP is

What default port I should open in Firewall?

Answer : For Dinstar device thsese ports must be allowed in firewell

SIP 5060 to 506x

RTP 8000 to 10000

web 80

telnet 23

What Dinstar Codes can be used by Analog Phone ?

If you are using Dinstar FXS device then via analog phone you can use these codes
*158# : Find IP
*166*000000# : factory reset
*159# : View the WAN port IP address
*114# : Inquire port account
*150* : Set the way of obtain IP address
*157* : Set network method
*152* : Set IP address *153* Set Subnet mask
*156* : Set default gateway IP address
*193# : Obtain IP address through DHCP again
*160*1# : Open WAN port to access web
*111# : Restart device

Dinstar FXO all incoming calls start caller timer when incoming calls on ringing mode only?

In Advance mode FXS/FXO select “onhook untill callee answer Step by Steps click on PDF link

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Buyers Guide to YouTube Content ID & Copyright Notices

Content ID is a popular digital fingerprinting system that content creators can use to easily identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are compared against audio and video files registered with Content ID by content owners, looking for any matches.

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