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Asterisk IP PBX Solutions

Providing a Wide Range of PBX Solutions

Providing of a strong emphasis on interoperability and flexibility, we are the source supplier of VOIP Solutions network products for system integrators, developers and the resellers that is open source enterprise VOIP system such as asterisk IP PBX.

We are offering an open source IP-BPX deployments that covers the complete range of the products that require to build flexible, scalable and interoperable VoIP surroundings, the hosting platforms, SIP and the TDM-based connectivity is included in the application as well as the change of endpoints.

What is Asterisk IP PBX solutions?
This is an open source framework for building communication. An asterisk IP IBX is the conference server and this is also another custom solutions. It is used by small or large company, government agencies, carriers and call centers worldwide. This solutions is an open source. The Asterisk IP PBX Solutions become the basis of a complete business phone system that is used to improve or extend the existing system otherwise to bridge the gap between the systems.


Advantage in using the Asterisk IP PBX solutions

  • It has a lower operational costs. The asterisk IP IBX Solution is an open source that keeps the price of a system low. The hardware increases the option and further lessen the cost. Additionally, you will not get a charged for each feature like license charges of a traditional PBX manufacturers.
  • Features. It comes with the numerous features of an Asterisk IP PBX application. An additional open source feature sets can be developed without additional charges.
  • Expandability. Just in case you need an additional extension, you will only get another IP-phone then add it to the system.
  • Branch Offices. It can be added to the existing system and connected thru Internet connection with a low cost.
  • Remote workers. It can plug a phone at home to the internet connection then it will be extension dialing using a softphone that is connected while out on the road.
  • An in house system. Signaling will take a place over the LAN that is decreasing the invisibility as well as making of a constant dependable system.
  • Open Source. A PBX producer has a community that constantly developing, tweaking and testing the codes of software. All of this information is accessible. An IT professional are learning to administer Asterisk, so in house personnel are much capable to manage the system.
  • SIP Trunking. Even if you are currently using the traditional connection, you can use the SIP trunking to take benefit of low-cost VoIP calls.