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Asterisk Click To Call Solutions: Features And Advantages

There are several ways to implement a click to call functionality, it allows you to dial a phone number even without dialing. The convention of the scripts is to tell you that Asterisk can call your extension, waiting for the call to be answered, initiate a new call to the destination number.

What is Asterisk Click to Call solution? 
This is a service that lets the user click a bottom and speak immediately with the customer. It can either be delivered over VoIP or customer that request an immediate call. The importance of this is that it allows the companies to monitor online visitors to form a website. It is a very efficient and simple method to connect in two phones.

One of the important considerations in the Asterisk Call Center is the scaling that selects the contact center technology to accommodate the growth in the industry. It runs on x86 hardware and processing the power is limited by the motherboard as well as its CPU. This will impose an upper limit on the number of concurrent calls, which will be developed by the CPU. The requirements like transcoding and vice recording consume the CPU power. Hence, the call center solution must be scalable to multiple the server of Asterisk. ACD inside the contact center software must be able to deal with the multiple telephony servers that will accommodate the bigger inbound call handling capacity. In addition, Q-Suite ACD design would scale to multiple servers with growth.

Feature of Asterisk Click to call Solution

  • Call Details recording generation
  • Ability to upload rate cards from text files, excel and CSV
  • N-level failover for trunks
  • Call Rating
  • Manage Profile
  • Browse rates
  • Our click to call to connect two phones
  • Top up a prepaid account
  • Various reports such as CDR, payments, etc.
  • Manage the customers
  • Manage providers
  • Manage the trunk groups
  • Manage the rate cards
  • Manage rates

Advantage of Using Asterisk using the Click to Call Solution

  • Increase the revenue of the company
  • Efficiently manage trunks, providers, customers and rate cards
  • No need to download and install any software on the customer’s computer
  • Prevent frauds by using the prepaid billing system


Benefits Of Asterisk Click To Call Solution In Company And To Customers

Group Calls by DID/ANI/DNI/ or other unique The benefit of this is to enable the consumer to directly connect in an agent to obtain the need for resolving the issue of the client. This can help the agent as well as the customer to browse thru website together. This solution enables to streamline the calls that coming into the center. The asterisk click-to-call solution provides an option on the website that particularly comes directly to the pages or to an agent. By means of this, it can determine the exact page of the customer that is calling and it is easier to handle the calls. In this kind of solution, it doesn’t need to route the call as well as keeping the client to wait or hold the call.

It is become more fundamental aspect of the consumer that focusing on the website today, those who lack the ability to find a visitor to their sites are leaving to find a more competitive offers that is direct line. Bearing in mind, this benefits for all involved, it is valuable to be ignored.

Therefore, when it comes to asterisk call to click solution, we are talking about the foundation of communication that you will be able to understand the concept of this method. We offer a different technology that are well designed for what it does as well as our opinions attain the remarkable balance between the complexity and the flexibility. We can move on to setting up phones then taking the features of the Asterisk Call to click solution in our customers.

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