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Is It Important To Have Asterisk Voice Logger Solutions In A Company?

A voice logger is a kind of device that is programmed to use record information forms the Telephones, microphones, radios, and other sources for storage on a computer’s hard drive or any removable hardware. This is an important tool in recording a conversation between the contact of the agents, managers, and supervisor on one hand and predictions, leads or client on the other.

How does it work?

This is an integral part of the Communication System that can contain communication in multiple formats. An asterisk voice logger solution is a program that used to record audio information from any removable media. This is ideal for any business that demands comprehensive customizability and functionality. This program was designed to work seamlessly along with an Interactive Voice Response, Predictive Dialer, and Automatic Call Distributor solution, its fit for a company that needs the end to end solution or a standalone voice recording system that combined with the current setup.

Whether you start in a simple set up or planning for the extension of your current capabilities, the solution will allow you to do with the shortest Time To Implementation even without upgrading your hardware and software as well as IT costs. All features in the Voice Logger can help you to obtain the quality goals even without the overhead of up-gradation and maintenance costs.

Is It Important To Have Asterisk Voice Logger Solutions In A Company?

  • Group Calls by DID/ANI/DNI/ or other unique identifiers
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • ACD call handling based on the schedule and special occasions
  • The ability to register the agents who will only allowed to receive calls
  • Providing the call information to agents before taking the call
  • A skills based routing to track the calls in a most appropriate agent that is available
  • Queue Prioritizing that based on the business factors in the same type of calls
  • The capability to lo the agents into queues for which they have required skills
  • Offering a telephony functions like conferences and transfers


However, the ACD Software and Q-Suite can provide the high availability setting and redundancy in the call center. But, it provides a call recovery for a one point of failures. Plus, Q-Suite has a socket and the NET API allow to CTI integration into the existing application. The Q-Suite call center ACD is easier to transfer into Asterisk as telephony platform.


On the other hand, Asterisk in a Call Center enhances the ability to grow the business and its productivity. It builds a system that is more complex than it needs to be. The Asterisk system does everything functional.

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