Linkvil CA400 : All-in-One Conference Solution

The Fanvil CA400 system is the All-in-One Conference Solution for small and medium meeting rooms up to 32m². Its unique speakerphone MS10, coupled with the RC10 receiver and CM70 USB camera, delivers exceptional audio and video performance. The ability to wirelessly share screens in 4K and stream FHD video, combined with far-field voice pickup and HD sound, makes the CA400 system a must-have for any business aiming to enhance their meeting efficiency and collaboration. Upgrade your meeting room experience with the CA400 system and witness the difference in your team’s productivity and engagement.



Key features

Effortless 4K UHD Wireless Screen-sharing for Real-time Presentations
Say goodbye to tedious setup steps. With just a simple press, users can seamlessly enjoy a 4K TV display, making the entire presentation experience smooth and highly productive.

All-in-One Design: Integrating Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing
The innovative all-in-one design of the system streamlines your meetings by combining audio, video, and screen sharing into one convenient package. With comprehensive BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support, connecting the MS10 speaker to a laptop is effortless using a Type-C cable, promoting efficient and productive meetings.

Clutter-Free Collaborative Spaces and Access Camera Wirelessly
Stream 1080P Full HD video from your laptop wirelessly with ease, simplifying and optimizing your office space organization. Achieve a one-stop setup in three easy steps and bid farewell to tangled cables

8-array Microphone & 3W Enhanced Speaker to Present Superior Audio Quality
Utilizing advanced technologies such as AEC, ANS, AGC, and vocal enhancement, the CA400 system automatically balances voices, suppresses noise, and eliminates echoes, guaranteeing a stable and natural sound experience.

Camera With Auto-framing, Delivering Detailed Images
With wide-angle coverage of 118.5 °, a 5x digital zoom, and auto-framing technology, CM70 will automatically zoom in/out to frame all participants, users can also adjust the direction and focal length with a OSD remote control.


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