Our company recognizes the importance of responsible e-waste management to protect the environment and safeguard human health. To fulfill our commitment, we strictly adhere to the E-Waste Management Rule 2016 published by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoFF) and have partnered with a leading Electronic Asset Management and Disposal Company, GreenTek Reman Pvt. Ltd., to ensure the proper recycling and disposal of end-of-life electronics.

Our customers can rest assured that we provide multiple options for the proper disposal of their old and used electronic products. We offer buy-back schemes, cash-back schemes, and collection centers/points for the direct disposal of e-waste to our recycling partner. We also provide educational emails to raise awareness among customers about the importance of e-waste recycling.

We have implemented an easy and hassle-free mode of e-waste collection through our partnership with GreenTek Reman Pvt. Ltd. They are registered with UPPCB and possess all the necessary authorizations and consents for the environmentally sound dismantling and recycling of e-waste. Our customers can reach out to our toll-free number for suggestions and clarification or arrange a pick-up from our side.

We use our recycling partner’s logistics facility for the collection of e-waste, ensuring that the waste is disposed of in a safe and sustainable manner. Our agreement with GreenTek Reman Pvt. Ltd. allows us to collect the e-waste generated from our sales volume and expansion plans and recycle it responsibly.

At DCNET Solutions, we prioritize compliance with government regulations and are committed to reducing electronic waste. Through our partnership with GreenTek Reman Pvt. Ltd., we aim to protect the environment from hazardous consequences resulting from the inappropriate management of e-waste. Our efforts towards responsible e-waste management are a testament to our dedication to sustainable business practices.

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